About the Faculty of Medicine

University of Tartu offers a wide variety of academic programs, a diverse group of research institutes, and a focus on interdisciplinary approaches to solving complex problems, including medical and health problems. 

The Faculty of Medicine of University of Tartu has been the springboard for Estonian doctors and medical researchers since the founding of the alma mater - 1632. We are committed to improving the health of Estonians and beyond through studies, trainings for medical staff, science and social responsibility. 


Did you know? The start of many significant discoveries and clinical specialisations is closely related to the university. The development of embryology, opening of the world’s first pharmacology lab, the modern blood coagulation theory and the use of sterile rubber gloves and surgical instruments all have their roots in Tartu.

Education in our six institutes prepares outstanding leaders in the field of health care and medicine. Our alumni make up 99% of Estonian doctors, dentists and pharmacists and the majority of renowned exercise and sport scientists, physiotherapists and sports coaches. 

For us, it is important to explore the solutions to unsolved challenges and answer the questions that matters. That is why we encourage our students, staff and alumni to explore new possibilities and improve their knowledge and skills further on.

We have more than 600 employees and many of them are renowned experts in medicine and acknowledged exercise and sport scientists. It’s proud to say that our medical researchers are leaders in their field – thanks to them University of Tartu is among the 1% of the world’s most influential research institutions in the field of clinical medicine and in the field of molecular biology and genetics. 

Next to science, many of our researchers are public opinion leaders who are active in media and belong to different advisory boards who’s decision making influences Estonian health policy.

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