Postgraduate specialist medical training

The residency training of medical specialists is currently performed according to 44 different programmes including 3 programmes for specialisation in dentistry. The duration of residency is 3-5 years according to speciality.

The postgraduate medical training is carried out in the best facilities in Estonia under the supervision of our best specialists. In addition to developing practical professional skills and experience while performing procedures and research, the residents have to participate in theoretical courses, conferences, clinical rounds and educate themselves with the help of scientific literature.

Admission information

The preconditions to entering a residency training at University of Tartu are:

  • degree in medicine, eqivalent to the programmes of University of Tartu
  • internship, if graduated university before than in 2003
  • proficiency in Estonian language
  • working permit or permanent living permit, if foreign resident
  • document which certifies registration at Estonian Health Board as a physician or a dentist

The entrance examinations take place once a year, at the end of June.


Tuition-fee and income

There are no tuition fees for residents during the postgraduate medical training. Residents will be paid monthly salaries of 3315,97 euros according to contracts, signed with hospitals for their training period.



The final examination completing residency training is given in front of a committee, whose members are current professionals of the specialty upon graduation. If passed, the resident will be granted the title of a medical specialist in the field of study.