Centre for Doctoral Studies in Medicine and Sport

The Doctoral Programme in Medicine and Sport is a part of the Faculty of Medicine. Faculty’s doctoral programme combines four specialities coordinated by the Faculty of Medicine and the Institute of Sport Sciences and Physiotherapy. The overall objective of the PhD specialities is to take the knowledge and skills of the student to the level of internationally recognized high-rank scientific professionals. PhD students are prepared for employment as a lecturer and researcher at the university and other research institutions, as well as leading specialists outside the academia. 

The University of Tartu is Estonia's leading research and development institution with more than 1400 Doctoral students conducting reseach at the university each year. The centre ensures the conduct of doctoral studies in the faculty in compliance with the regulations in force, as well as a smooth exchange of information and counselling of doctoral students and supervisors on the organisation of doctoral studies, funding, selection of courses and training opportunities.

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Doctoral programme starting from study year 2022/23

Planning your studies, assessing your progress, graduating

Organisation of doctoral studies

The University of Tartu's doctoral studies are organised by the the Regulations for Doctoral Studies (RDS) at the University of Tartu. The RDS includes the general rules of supervision, the individual plan, progress review and degree application procedure. The University's good practices are recommended reading for all doctoral students, especially Good Practice of Doctoral Studies. More information on the regulations of doctoral studies and document forms is available on the homepage.

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Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine

Doctoral studies council
Head of council:
Professor Maris Laan, Vice Dean for Research at the Faculty of Medicine

Associate Professor Aavo Lang
Professor Jyrki Tapio Heinämäki
Research Fellow Kattri-Liis Eskla
Professor Priit Kaasik
Professor Joel Starkopf
Getter Marie Lemberg, student
Kaisa Teele Oja, student