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Clinical practice integrates theoretical knowledge acquired in medical studies over the 5 academic years and is a natural intermediate before speciality studies in residency or starting to work as a general practitioner. 

Clinical practice is a compendium of courses that last for most of the 6th year of medical studies, during which students work in both hospitals and family medicine centres. 

Clinical practice - general information and FAQ 

Clinical practice abroad

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In Family medicine cycle students also have to pass a Moodle course. NB! Students who go abroad for their Familiy medicine cycle have to contact Liis Viitkar ( from the Institute of Family Medicine and Public Health, who will register them to the Moodle course.

In Internal medicine cycle students have to compose 8 patient case studies and send them to prof. Mai Rosenberg ( Case studies have to be drawn up in text  file (Times New Roman, shrift 12, line spacing 1,0), one case study must not exeed 200 words.


Clinical practice logbooks


Family Medicine 

Emergency Medicine

Internal Medicine


Elective placement

Practical skills 


Autumn semester logbooks need to be in the Deans`s Office by January 15th 2024 at the latest. You have to submit the logbooks of at least two long cycles at the end of autumn semester. You also have to solve the necessary number of AMBOSS cases, equivalent to the logbooks you submitted.

Spring semester logbooks have to be at the Dean`s Office by May 13th 2024. In addition to logbooks you need to hand in the Practical skills logbook and solve the remaining AMBOSS cases. 


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