Tartu University Hospital

Tartu University Hospital is the largest health care provider in Estonia. High quality tertiary medical care is offered in nearly all specialities. At the same time Tartu University Hospital is the only institution to perform organ transplantations in Estonia. Kidney, liver, pancreas and lungs are harvested by University Hospital transplant surgeons team all over the country. Likewise pediatric patients with congenital heart diseases are referred to Tartu University Hospital and the center of clinical genetics serves the whole Estonian population. 

Tartu University Hospital is the only academic hospital in Estonia. It plays a major role in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies of medical fields. As the leading teaching hospital all the staff is trained to supervise students and residents from the Faculty of Medicine but also nursing students and  colleagues from other hospitals. 

The third undoubtedly important part is research. In addition to everyday duties in serving patients and teaching the future medical specialists, Tartu University Hospital integrate work with scientific research. Education and research are undertaken in close collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine. Both, Faculty and University Hospital, are widely known by clinical trials and clinical research in human health. In addition, the tight co-operation between the University and the University Hospital creates mutual synergy between preclinical and clinical research. 

The Hospital also runs programmes of further education for employees of other hospitals and primary care units. The lecturers and researchers in Tartu have a long tradition of collaboration with colleagues from across Europe and elsewhere in the world. 

The hospital's mission is to be recognised as a leader in ensuring the continuity and development of Estonian medicine through high-level integrated medical treatment, training and research.