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Admission of Ukrainian students to the University of Tartu Faculty of Medicine

The University of Tartu offers students of Ukrainian citizenship who have already started medical studies in Ukraine (in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy) the possibility to continue their studies at the University of Tartu.

Studies in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy are free for the students admitted to the special programme. The language of instruction is Estonian, and the studies are preceded by one year of intensive Estonian language study based on English. Students who successfully complete the intensive course in Estonian (acquired proficiency in Estonian at least B2 level) will be able to continue studies in the academic year 2023/2024 in the specialisations they started in Ukraine.

The University of Tartu diploma in medicine will give the students the possibility to continue studies and work in the Republic of Estonia and other member states of the European Union.

Eligibility requirements for the special programme

- Ukrainian citizenship
- Studies started at a Ukrainian institution of higher education in a medical specialisation (Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy)
- An electronic application must be submitted by 1 June 2022.

Entrance tests

The academic aptitude test takes place on 6 June 2022 in Russian. Applicants who are in the Republic of Estonia can take the written academic aptitude test at the University of Tartu. Applicants who are outside Estonia can take the test online (they will receive an invitation to the academic test). The academic aptitude test assesses the applicant’s readiness for studies at the university. The test also assesses the applicant’s logical reasoning skills. The pass threshold of the academic aptitude test is 51%.

The interview takes place on 7 or 8 June 2022. The interview is conducted in English, and only applicants who exceed the pass threshold of the academic test can participate in the interview. Applicants who are present in the Republic of Estonia can take the interview at the University of Tartu. Applicants who are not in Estonia can participate in the interview online (they will receive an invitation to the interview). During the interview, the applicant’s motivation to study in the programme and communication skills in English are assessed.

Applicants are informed of the results by 22 June at the latest.

Estonian language proficiency at least B2. The admitted applicants will study in an intensive Estonian language course for one academic year and take the Estonian language exam at the end of the course (in spring 2023). UT will pay a monthly scholarship for future medical students during the language year. The number of scholarships is approximately 10. The scholarship will be sufficient to cover living costs in Estonia (approximately 800 euros per month).

Applicants who have acquired Estonian language proficiency at least at the B2 level will be matriculated to the University of Tartu. The students can continue their studies in medical specialisations in the autumn semester of 2023. The year in which a student can continue studies depends on how many of the previously studied courses can be recognised. The decisions related to recognising previous courses will be made in autumn 2022.

We have extended the application deadline for Ukrainian citizens until 1 June for English-taught programs clinical nutrition and clinical pharmacy. Ukrainian applicants are also exempted from the application fee. 

Read further information regarding the war against Ukraine from here.

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