Programme council

The programme council comprises representatives of employers, alumni, students and all the structural units appointed as manager of the curriculum, whereas one member must not perform more than one of these roles. If necessary, the programme council can include external experts in its work.

The programme council advises the programme director, evaluates the effectiveness of the programme-based management of the curriculum and makes proposals to the council of the structural unit appointed as manager of the curriculum and the council of the faculty where the curriculum is placed.

Members of the programme council of the Medicine in English curriculum:

  • Janika Kõrv (Programme director of the Medicine in English curriculum)
  • Anti Kalda (Professor)
  • Oivi Uibo (Associate professor)
  • Miriam Ann Hickey (Associate professor)
  • Jana Kivastik (Associate professor)
  • Urmas Lepner (Professor)
  • Anneli Rätsep (Associate professor)
  • Kadri Veeperv (coordinator) 
  • Agnes Aart (South Estonian Hospital)
  • Hanna Tarmet (student)
  • Sonia Evelyn Kuismanen (student)
  • Erik Raphaël Sandini (student) 
  • Asya Esin Aksoy (student)